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You don’t know what to do in the next few days, do you? Then, please follow us because we’re going to give you some tips on the most important events and, as always, “Save The Date”!

Let’s begin with Trento! On Friday 22nd of June, the thirty-fifth edition of Feste Vigiliane is about to begin with the party of Trionfo Tridentino at Castello del Buonconsiglio (scheduled at 3 P.M.). Then, it will continue with the start of the historic procession at 8 P.M., which will end up in Piazza Duomo with the official opening ceremony. The evening shows are going to be different and for all tastes in the city squares. Saturday 23rd is the day of the Tribunale di Penitenza, scheduled at 9:30 P.M. in Piazza Fiera and, afterwards, of Magica Notte, the event not to be missed, especially for cosplayers, where the fantasy world is in the foreground at Albere Park but also with parties going on in every corner of the city. On Sunday there are going to be the traditional Palio dell’Oca and the Tonca event. You can find the full program at www.festevigiliane.it .

From Trento to Caldonazzo for the last days of Trentino Book Festival, which is going to last until Sunday 17th June: for the last two days many special guests are awaited, from Maria Romana De Gasperi, daughter of the famous statesman from Trento, to the former director of “La Repubblica”, Ezio Mauro, from philosopher Umberto Galimberti to Moni Ovadia. Check www.trentinobookfestival.it for further information.

Now let’s focus on Valsugana, and more precisely on Levico: on Sunday 17th June we should like to mention the fourteenth edition of Barber Day, which is a unique gathering of American cars and motorcycles, of vintage as well as supercars.

With regards to music and Solstizio d’Estate art festival, the company Kataklò Athletic Dance Theatre will arrive to Mezzacorona and its wine cellars with their show “Summer Eureka”. For all other events up until the 21st June you can visit the website www.solstiziodestate.it.
We’d like to suggest to all dance lovers “Genoma Scenico”, a performance in between dance and science, hosted at the Muse of Trento on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th June.
From theatre to taste: the first edition of Arco Street Food Festival, an event dedicated to fine street food from all regions of Italy, is being held until Sunday.
Back to music now, as we’d like to remind you that on Sunday 17th June the songwriter Simone Cristicchi is going to perform, in the refuge Potzmauer, in Valle di Cembra.
Let’s now have a look at Alto Adige as well, with the many events hosted by Castel Trauttmansdorf in Merano: every Friday “Trauttmansdorf di sera” offers guided tours and enogastronomic events. Every Sunday the “Colazione da Sissi” takes place in the terrace, while in the evening of Thursday 21st June, the French songwriter Zaz is going to perform a concert for the World Music Festival.
With this event we have come to the end of today’s appointment. You’ll hear again from us next week with Save the Date!