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This week end in Trentino we are going to have a hot climate.
On Saturday the sun will dominate but in the afternoon it could probably get cloudy and there could be some brief thunderstorms in the mountains.
On Sunday the weather is going to improve even more and the highs could get to 32 degrees.
Be careful though because in the afternoon there’s going to be a chance of thunderstorms in the mountains.
And now it’s time for a fun fact: the week that is coming to an end has been characterised by severe thunderstorms and hailstorms. This is a typical summer phenomenon, especially when a weather front moves through in a very hot day.
But how do hailstones form?
During thunderstorms, strong ascending currents inside large clouds carry raindrops up to heigths where the temperature is below the freezing point.
In this way the raindrops turn into ice crystals that become increasingly bigger as long as the currents keep them inside the cloud.
When they get too heavy they drop down to the earth, often causing disruption, especially for farmers.