Here we are with our journey among the main events which will take place in the days to come.
Let’s start with the association Emergency, which will encourage reflection on war and peace: Trento will indeed host the national meeting of this humanitarian association. After Friday night with Gino Strada, many appointments are set for Saturday. Among these, one will be dedicated to migrants with the journalist Enrico Mentana at 12 at the Social Theatre, while at 9 p.m. the final concert with Fiorella Mannoia, Nek, Ermal Meta, Fabrizio Moro and many other artists will take place at Fiera Square.
Let’s now talk about an anniversary. 72 years ago, on September the 5th 1946, in Paris, the Italian and Austrian Foregin Affairs Ministers, Alcide de Gasperi and Karl Gruber, signed an agreement for the protection of Trentino Alto Adige’s German minority.
World War II had just ended, but when the region switched from the Austro-Hungarian Empire to Italy, the wounds from the fascists’ forceful homogenisation and from the first war were still to heal. The Paris agreement was the first step towards a slow pacification which went through attacks and protests, but which allowed Trentino Alto Adige to become a model of coexistence of different linguistic groups, thanks to a gradual concession of major autonomy.
Each year in this period there are ceremonies to remember that event. On Saturday, September the 8th in Trento, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the palaces of Trentino’s political institutions, that is Trentini Palace in Manci Street and Palace of the Province in Piazza Dante, open their doors. This is the right chance to enjoy a trip into history and to see the art collections kept in the palaces, among which a whole room painted by the futurist painter Fortunato Depero.
As Autumn draws near, animals are back from alpine pastures after spending their summer up in the mountains. In many parts of Trentino this appointment is seen as a proper rite.
On Sunday, September the 9th the Desmalgàda of Boniprati takes place in Valle del Chiese: at 11 a.m. spruced up cows will parade as queens of a procession made up of goats, horses and waggons. People will have the chance to taste breeding early products, especially milk and cheese. In the afternoon the children will be the protagonists, as they will have the opportunity to milk the cows.
Let’s move to Cavalese, which will host in these days the Desmontegada de le Caore. The grand finale will be on Sunday at 2 p.m. with a parade of more than 350 flower-adorned goats.
Let’s leave the mountains and move to the town of Rovereto, where on Sunday the international festival of contemporary dance Oriente Occidente will end. Among many appointments we suggest that you don’t miss the amazing dance marathon which will start at 4 p.m. in the city centre. At 8.30 p.m. at Zandonai Theatre, there will be the national premiere of the last dance performance of the Korean company Eun Me Ahan.