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Let’s take a look at the events for the weekend in Trentino. Christmas is drawing near and during this episode dedicated to all the upcoming events in Trentino we couldn’t start but with one of the symbols of this period. We’re talking about the nativity scene. The Italian word “presepe” comes from a latin term which means trough or enclosure. The display of nativity scenes took off during Medieval times, when faith had to be conveyed through images, given the fact that most of the population was illiterate. One of the first known nativity scenes to ever be realized is that by the Saint Francesco D’Assisi. The tradition has carried through to our times and has become a symbol not only of religiosity but also of creativity and artisanal passion. And passion is indeed the fil rouge of the many nativity scene expositions in Trentino. Let us remind you some of them. One of the best known ones is that of Tesero, in the Valle di Fiemme, where the capable hands of artisans have created statues which have travelled the world and have reached even San Pietro square in Rome. This year’s novelty is the return of the historical “Grande Presepio” in Cesare Battisti square. Moving on to the Valle di Sole, the little town of Ossana during this time of the year has more nativity scenes than inhabitants: there are more than a thousand of them among the streets and at the fascinating castle.
The exposition held in the town of Miola di Pinè up to the 6th of January is also an invitation to explore the nativity scenes at the courtyards and on the streets. Our short journey ends in Riva del Garda, where at the ex Roma cinema, in the Dante avenue, one can admire the famous nativity scenes built following an ancient Neapolitan tradition. Christmas also means music and during these days there’s something for all tastes or, even better, for all ears. The most eagerly awaited appointment of Rovereto’s Christmas is the Immaculate Conception concert, which this year sees the singer-songwriter and violinist Angelo Branduardi as the main act. The event will be held on Saturday the 8th of December at 9 pm at the Mart museum’s central square. Gospel music lovers will instead be carried away by one of the world’s most charming personalities of the music of the soul: straight from Cleveland, pastor Ron Hubbard will perform at Riva Del Garda’s Palacongressi on Sunday at 9 PM. Sunday at 5 PM, those who prefer organ music can attend the performance of the musician Stefano Rattini at the Santa Maria del Suffragio church. And lastly Christmas means time for gifts: those who want to go on a hunt can not only check out the Christmas markets but also Saint Lucia’s traditional fair, whose 400 stalls will invade Trento’s city center both Saturday and Sunday. The city can also be seen from a brand new point of view by having a ride on the Ferris wheel in Dante square, one of the tallest in Italy.