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The weather of this year’s Immaculate Conception weekend will be variable. On Saturday morning the low-pressure area, which will bring snow above 1400 metres of height, is going to be over. Afterwards, the wind will blow the clouds away. On Sunday sun and clouds will alternate with a chance of snow especially in northern Trentino. In our fun facts section, we are going to talk about artificial snow. The current production system mimics nature: the cannons work just like big nebulizers which shoot water drops that turn into snow when they touch the air. For this to happen, the temperature needs to be below zero. But in Trentino something new is being worked out: at Rovereto’s Mechatronics pole, the “Neve Perenne” start up has found out a way to produce snowflakes even with temperatures above 7 Celsius. The machinery can reproduce the perfect conditions to create snow crystals inside of it, in order to discharge them into the atmosphere only when they are fully realized. The system works through thermal energy: this way snow grows out of heat!